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A tailored service in which my choice of techniques is based upon a thorough assessment.
Whether you are looking to improve performance, rehab from injury or just a tune up, I can help.

our services

1 hour sports massage

Each session is tailored to your individual needs. I always perform a full assessment and take a thorough case history to ensure my selection of soft tissue techniques is appropriate. Each session finishes with an explanation of how to care for your condition at home.

15 minute consultation

Booking a phone consultation gives you time to explain to me the nature of your problem and tell me more about what you are looking for from working with me. It is an opportunity to ask me questions and helps you decide if working with me may suit you and suit me.

5 session course of treatments

For some issues a course of treatments is more effective than a single session. Booking a series of treatments allows me to offer you a more comprehensive treatment plan and better get to the heart of the issues. I offer 5 sessions for £190, giving you one session free.

HOW Can we help you?

What can sports massage do for you? 
What’s the barrier preventing you from performing to your best?


When your body is letting you down when it matters the most


I will work on getting sustainable improvement within your timeframes


Prevention and recovery. Technique and process so you can maximise improvement


Pricing Plans

A Plan for Everyone.

Basic plan


Per session

15 Minute consultation


why not? 😀

Course of treatments


5 sessions

Customized Massage

crush at crossfit

At DH Sports Massage we understand the goals of a Crossfit gym-goer.
High impact training requires highly targeted massage to keep you at your best.

Problems We Can Treat

Below are just some of the issues we can try and treat for you. This list is not exhaustive. 
Check back regularly as the list will be added to.

Ligament injuries

Ligaments can be the bane of many a sports persons life. With a very poor blood supply they do not heal well. We can suggest exercises and rehabilitation processes. Sports massage can assist with the stiffness and nearby muscles.


Heavy lifting or sports with movements over your head can cause this. Your shoulder bones actually touch your tendons when you move. Sports massage can help blood flow to the area and loosen you up to release some movement.

Back pain

The broadest area of problems exist in the back. The are many possible diagnoses for the area. Get a free 15 minute consultation with us and find out how we can help. From muscle strain to slipped discs, numbness, pain or aches; let us help.

Shin splints

Pain along the shin? Been running or walking a lot recently? This common problem can usually be kicked into touch after some fact-finding is done. Be careful to rest well if you think you’ve developed shin splints. More impacts will worsen the issue.

Plantar Fasciitis

Have you got a pain in the heel? A sharp stabbing pain that feels like it’s coming from well inside the heel could be plantar fasciitis. If the pain comes when you lift up using the front of your foot we might have your diagnosis right there. 

golfers Elbow

You don’t have to be a golfer to get their elbow! Make a fist and grip hard – you can feel and see the results of that action clearly. Repeat this over and over again as part of a sport or work and it might take its toll. Forearm and elbow can be affected by this.


Buttock to foot pain that’s often boosted when bending over or coughing could be Sciatica. It’s a nerve that’s playing up. Treating the pain with massage. Also massage to improve flexibility thereby lower the risk of a re-occurance.

Hip pain

A lot is asked of our hip joints and sometimes that sound their disagreement. Over-training, bad lifting technique or just age can flare up a hip problem. A course of stretches and massages to improve blood flow and flexibility will help no end.

Groin Strain

Over stretching while playing sport, that foot goes out just a touch too far. You have a few muscles in the groin and that’s all it takes to get a tear or rupture. Serious tears can need surgery, minor ones can benefit from sports massage.

Achilles tendonitis

The most famous of all tendons. It keeps your calf attached to your heel. Heavy and repeated movements where you lever and land on the ball of your foot can really put this tendon through the ringer. We can help.


Most people think of whiplash as a short-term minor ache resulting from a car crash. But, it can last for years and be crippling. Neck pain, dizziness and headaches are all possible. A course of sports massage can assist recovery.

Posture Pain

Many of us spend 80% of our working day sat at a desk. This is neither natural or healthy. If habits are created by repetition then a bad posture at work can quickly become your normal. Deep tissue massage can relax you back to comfort.

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