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Sports Massage + Body Building = Lift Bigger

Many people don’t associate the use of sports massage with bodybuilding.

If you ask most body-builders what they feel is holding them back from being able to lift more weight, they will usually list three things.

For many seasoned lifters, the first thing is pain! It hurts when they lift. Pain in the bench press is very common, and many people feel pain in their lower back when they squat or deadlift heavy. Most push on despite the pain, which can lead to injury and having to take time out.
I can help you out of your pain and help you avoid this. How?

Every session with me is customised to YOUR needs. It’s individual and I rarely work the same way with the same person more than once. Firstly I sit you down and take a full case history. I ask about your training, lifestyle and medical history. I conduct a brief visual assessment of your posture, and test you range of motion at various joints.

All of this is important as it allows me to select the right technique to help YOU. What works for one person won’t work for another.

A big cause of pain is often incorrect lifting technique. This is also something I can help you with.

We all know HOW to lift correctly, let most of us still struggle. Why is this?

The answer very often lies in unresolved postural problems and muscular imbalances. A muscular imbalance often occurs when one set of muscles is overworked, causing them to become strong but tight. The opposing muscles, or agonists then have to overstretch and become weak.
A common example as it relates to body-builders is that they often do far more PUSHING than PULLING, overworking the front of the body, that which you can see in the mirror, and looks good, but forgetting about the back of the body.

Think innumerable sets of bench and flys to the exclusion of rows and pull-ups.

How could I help you lift more weight? Send me a quick message.

I can help you identify where you may be going wrong and give advice to help you fix it. My assessments allow me to target my soft tissue techniques at the muscles which have become too short, and help lengthen them. I can advise on stretches and homecare which will support this work, helping you get back into balance and ultimately helping you to LIFT MORE WEIGHT!

The third thing holding most people back, although many don’t like to admit to it, is TOO MUCH TIME IN THE GYM! It’s an old adage that your muscles don’t get bigger from lifting weights. They get bigger from RECOVERING from lifting weights.

Regular sports massage can support this recovery. It helps you to relax. It takes you out of fight or flight and puts you into rest and digest. This will help your circulation take the nutrients and protein needed to grow more and feed them to the muscles.

You will get a better nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, meaning you can GO HARD next time you get in the gym!

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