3 Options For Building A Daily Fitness Routine Into A Busy Day

All of us seem to have less and less time for ourselves it seems. We often set standards for ourselves that are just out of reach. You are bombarded with statistics about how many minutes of exercise you should get. Advice seems to change on a weekly basis. One week a few long walks is good enough. The next week walking doesn’t apparently help and you need to get your heart rate up! All of this noise can be overwhelming. Humans often end up doing nothing after becoming overwhelmed. A daily fitness routine is a great and achievable goal.

I know that calories aren’t the be all and end all of fitness. However, i will reference them in this article as it’s an easy and widely understood yardstick.

Number One – Moving On Up

Firstly, if you have a job where you’re on your feet, moving, for at least a couple of hours a day then great. Congratulate yourself and i’ll just give you one bit of advice at the end of this item.

If, like an increasing number of us, you are stuck behind a desk most of the day then read on. GET UP! It’s as simple as that. Any excuse to roll that chair back, pivot upwards at the knees, turn and move; DO IT.

Get up them stairs!

Being on your feet for 2 hours could burn up-to 350 calories ( referencing a Mayo Clinic study here ). Getting up for drinks more regularly could get you 10 minutes a day. For instance, going over to see Sandy in marketing rather than calling? 20 minutes. Eating your lunch in 10 minutes and briskly walking to the park for the other 20?

Pro-tip for anyone here – never take that lift or escalator. And, those stairs love to be taken at a fast pace, maybe 2 steps at a time. It’s a free exercise moment and, if you’re at work, you’re getting paid to do it! Daily Fitness Routines as paid work 🙂

Number Two – Take A Break

In short, I did this at my last desk job. It actually worked. I, one day, just said to my boss “Can i take a 5 minute break please?” and he said “Yes”. And i didn’t get fired! 😀

If you’re a non-smoker – you know those smoking breaks those guys go out on? Well this is your, superior, version. If you’re a smoker….well, stop it.

Take a break, you deserve it

Ask, get up and get your move on. I found that i could go straight out the front door and get around the block in 5 minutes. There are many proven benefits. You’ll feel better, you’ll be less hungry and you’ll even be more productive ( reference a study here in the New York Times ). It might be impossible but the study suggests a break every hour. This raises an important fact. In other words, just because a target can’t be hit doesn’t mean that the activity isn’t worth doing. IT ALL COUNTS.

Number Three – Build A Great, Quick Exercise@Home Habit

There are various ideas about how long a habit takes to build. Specifically, something that you have to learn to do but, after a time, you do automatically. If you can build a quick 10 minute routine into you everyday you WILL feel the benefits quickly. Feel free to google such things as “Quick Morning Exercises” or “Daily Fitness Routine” for ideas.

There is a whole world of variety out there for you. For example, the NHS has a stretching plan that you can ever half do while your lying in bed! Look here.

I tend to go for one that will give me a nice ache. Don’t go crazy, keep the speed slow. Something like:

1 minute of sit-ups,
same of press-ups,
another 1 minute of lunges.

Repeat that lot 3 times.

I’ve even created a sheet below that you can print off and tick in as you complete it. You’ll get all the good feelings when you manage to hit 25 times in one month. Although, I like to set the bar a little lower that every day because sometimes it just isn’t possible.

If you’d like a tailored plan or some more ideas drop me an email and i’ll try and help out info@dhsportsmassage.co.uk

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