5 Reasons That Might Direct You To A Sports Massage Practitioner

DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness.

This one needs no introduction. From the hardcore gym warrior to the “hopefully-at-least-twice-a-week” crowd DOMS will strike with no warning. After that, dull ache hits the morning after as you wake. You’re bleary eyed and wondering what wall you ran into and when. It’s sometimes a pleasing pain, a reminder of your effort and drive. Sometimes it just makes lifting that cup of coffee a wince-inducing task. Sports massage can assist in both a pre-exercise and post-exercise environment. Done right techniques can give blood and lymphatic flow a boost while warming up overall muscle temperature to aid rebuild.


A valuable asset in any sport. The ability to move, in control, further or faster or stronger pays dividends in every area of competition. Tight muscles do not lend themselves to flexibility. Scarred muscles resist good stretching and relaxed rebound. Sports massage releases targeted endorphins working to reduce pain in the area. Less pain means more unhindered movement and loosening. Blood flow and muscle temperature again is an added plus.

Injury Prevention

The thing none of us want to think about until we have no choice. But, like most things, facing up to this inevitability will stand you in good stead when it happens. You can easily overuse muscles, the pressure we put on ourselves can grow into a culture of over-training when that “one more time” voice plays back in our heads without end. A sports massage plan can be built to reduce inflammation that often leads to injury. A course of massages arranged around a training plan will help you achieve maximum results.


Associated with most traditional massage techniques. You could be a competing sports-person or a just a hobby gym-goer but the fact remains, a relaxed person is a well performing person. Pure and simple a sports massage can be designed to assist in performance and feel good while promoting soothing relaxation.

Post Event Recovery

A testing time. Your mind is a maelstrom of questions and thoughts, your body fragile and tender. Your muscles are built up with lactic acid and inflammation is rampant. The chance to lie down and get a sports massage should be top of your recovery list. Shut your eyes, fall back and get those mental and physical kinks worked out. Contact DH Sports Massage, they will listen to what you’re feeling.

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