shoulder glowing with pain

Pain. The end to it can be surprisingly painless!

I take your pain seriously, because it is serious.

The thing about pain is that it can stop us Enjoying our life and prevent us from achieving our goals. Often we can’t live our life in the way we would like to if we are living with it. It can affect our JOBS and our even our personal relationships with our loved ones.

That’s why pain is serious and it’s why I take it seriously.
Do you have chronic back-pain, sore shoulders, or any-other area which is stopping you from doing the things you enjoy, or need to do?

If so, book a 15 minute telephone consultation or a sports massage today.

I will always listen to you and take your pain seriously. I will try my best to help you, and if I don’t feel like I can help you I will always tell you and help you to find someone who can.

Think of me as a Member of your team, passionate about helping you get back to enjoying your life and achieving your goals! Click here to see current offerings.

I will always take a full case history, asking questions about your lifestyle, training, and previous treatments. Expect a full assessment and select Soft-Tissue Techniques which are right for you! I don’t offer cookie cutter treatments because they don’t work!

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